Qatar Genome – An Enthusiastic Project for Healthcare

Qatar Genome is the largest project in the Middle East that promotes genome sequencing to the national level for implementing precision medicine.

Qatar Genome introduces huge data based on genome sequencing to enhance personalized treatment. To make Qatar a pioneering country in the implementation of precision medicine, we introduce such a project. The huge data even helps researchers for their further study on different drug responses. Here, you will learn how this project helps the healthcare system and how it is beneficial for the population of Qatar and the world. Mr Waleed Alabsi, the CEO of the Alabsi Group, provides strong support to the Qatar Genome Project.

What is genome sequencing:

Genome sequencing reveals information regarding the order based on the entire genome of an organism. Often genome sequencing is conducted along with the DNA sequencing methods, and the whole details are stored using computer software.

A whole-genome sequence is another popular process where the determination of the DNA sequence in an organism’s genome has been made. Whole-genome sequencing proves to be important for researchers. Besides, the process has a great contribution in identifying the core of personalized medicine. Even the process can reveal essential facts regarding therapeutic interventions.

Remember that genome sequencing and DNA profiling are different. That later deals with the likelihood of an individual or a group from where gene material has come without revealing additional details regarding genetic relationships and specific diseases. Qatar Genome, collaborating with Qatar Biobank, has introduced a project that is based on genome sequencing to improve the personalized medication. It helps the researchers to work on different health-related projects for some breakthrough discoveries.

Qatar Foundation manages the project and plans with the best strategies to implement the needed practices for introducing the database. Based on the seven building blocks, we create the foundation of the project.

  1. We collaborated with Qatar Biobank.
  2. We use local genomic data and bioinformatics infrastructure.
  3. We enhance the nationwide research partnership.
  4. Use local human capacity.
  5. Draft policies and regulations.
  6. Implement genomics into the clinical setting.

Qatar Genome Project is the largest project that promotes genomic research and clinical implementations for prescribing precision medicine. The study includes large-scale genome sequencing and multi-omics data. This huge project needs clear strategies and partnerships at the local and national levels to meet the goals. Using the local human capacities and collaborating with the healthcare organizations, we run awareness campaigns to make everyone aware of our projects and how it helps the health care system.

Qatar Genome is one of the partners of the Alasbi Group, a company led by Mr.Waleed Alabsi, who helps in improving strategies of different businesses for achievements. Please contact us for more details.

Qatar Genome Project makes the health care industry stronger with genomic research that helps identify risks of different diseases. Read on to know more.

Qatar Genome Project works for making the health care system even stronger. Working on precision medicines, the members have gone through a strong research-based phase of analyzing and verifying data regarding genomes. It is mainly a population-based study where locally-researched publications have been incorporated to offer a better view of gene variations, especially those that cause diseases. Mr. Waleed Alabsi supports and promotes Qatar Genome Project to enhance the health care of patients. You can contact us to get more details about the projects.

The project aims to implement precision medicine in Qatar. All national stakeholders have participated in this program. It plans a reference map to identify specific gene variants. This database helps policymakers include genomic data to introduce a better treatment.

Besides, the members also work with local researchers who concentrate on genomic study and research different databases. We bring to people the most comprehensive genomic research that will provide a big help to researchers in this field.

Qatar Foundation:

Qatar Foundation is a non-profit organization offering a valuable contribution to the entire development of Qatar, from the knowledge economy to the carbon economy. The foundation looks after important parameters of society, including education, research, and community development.

The foundation works on planning the knowledge-based skills for offering better skills to the young generation. It develops key solutions based on key sciences. Besides the science and the knowledge skills, the foundation also protects the cultural heritage addressing the social needs of the community.

Who manages the program:

The national QGP committee takes care of everything in the program. The members of the committee belong to the medical, research, and educational group of Qatar. Qatar Biobank has a great contribution in making a complete database on precision medicine.

The QGP provides a national platform where stakeholders can exchange information and make maximum use of resources for a better health care system in Qatar.

Genomic operation division:

The genomic operation division is one of the strong pillars of the Qatar Genome Project (QGP). Using clinical bio-informatics statistics, the members plan the best things for data analysis and clinical genome-wide sequencing data. The division develops commonly used, an open-source, bioinformatics software application for filtering information.

Genomic data for healthcare:

Genomic data includes clinical, pharmaceutical data, and lifestyle information that help you determine early signs of disease or reveal the individual risk of developing the disease. The data proves to be very helpful for identifying the underlying causes of diseases, making the treatment more personalized and effective.

But, the information is useful and needs regular updates to improve the outcome. It helps physicians to offer more precise treatment at the point of care. Qatar Genome Project will introduce Qatar as a pioneering country in implementing precision medicine. Waleed Alabsi, the CEO of the Alabsi Group, has been supporting the project and encourages health care industries to adopt it for improving the approaches to patients.

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